Sunshine on my mind as we traveled deep into Baja Sur for some glamping, surf, and a photoshoot of course to show off the new Velvet desert hues collection!

All smiles in the shadow of the giants!

Especially after being joined by this local!

A soul full of Sunshine. We met our match in the Seahorse Dusty Peach short circle skirt Infinity Wrap Dress!

Turn your face towards the sun in the Hampton Coral Velvet!

Mirroring the desert sunrises at this Cactus Garden by the Sea!

Desert hues highlighted in the new French Sage!

The Velvet Infinity Wrap dress displays all it's glory in the Wispering Desert winds

Wrapped this way and that and always radiating sunshine!

We then concluded our day under the shadow of the giants in the new Cactus Rose Plum!

All smiles for the Coralie Beatrix crew in the new Velvet Desert hues collection. Thank you for traveling with us! 

Swatches now available to get the first look!